Move Along, Nothing to See Here — or IS There? (CLICK!)

This page and its contents (sans the Mickey Mouse image; thanks, Walt!) are © My OTHER commentaries on this blog are ALSO ©, and are my honest efforts to represent issues, event, opinions, and facts, honestly and truthfully.

So! Guess what THIS page is is all about!

Yes! Although THIS page  is also my honest effort to do those things here as well, THIS page — unlike my OTHER commentary-pages (which plunge head-long into the turbulent depths of such hot-button subjects as UFOs, BIN L@DEN, DRONES, OB@^^ACARE, PRIVACY, SMART METERS, THE SURVEILLANCE STATE, “WiVi”, and, ultimately, WHITHER FREEDOM — THIS page is happily a RANDOM (and hopefully) FUN PAGE with (almost) NO MEANGINGFUL CONTENT WHATSOEVER!

Perhaps it should best be considered, therefore, as your ESCAPE from the daily pressures of THINGS HAVING TO MAKE DEEP AND MEANINGFUL SENSE — such as my OTHER blog-pages!

After all, isn’t that why people go on VACATIONS — to “GET AWAY FROM IT ALL”?

For example, just look at the immediately previous occupants of the Oval Office: VACATIONS GALORE — and on OUR tab! Don’t we wish we ALL could be so lucky!

All of which reminds me of a world-famous song which I will now herewith compose, declare copyrighted, and later modestly yet deservedly compliment myself on having written. Yes, Virginia, I am a product of my times — whatever they are:

“Oh, happy little Bloginoid,

Ta-roo Ta-ra Ta-lay,

How vacuous your void, devoid

Of meaningness today!

Oh, wouldst that I couldst will a whist

Within this Noidly Blog

But knowing this, can Noid resist

Desisting like a log?

And thus, as in dreams, of heavenly charm,

Delightful this poem – a void slick with smarm!”

— Protonius, in one of my curiouser incarnations. 😉

STEAMBOAT WILLIEAnd now, Dear Readers, as I also note for your edification (a) that I have chosen the identity “Protonius” as my screenname/handle, and (b) that I am an  individual, adult, private, American, and (c) that I herewith, in this blog, present my personal opinions and, within that context, try to the best of my ability to present what I believe to be the facts of a given situation in as fair and objective a manner as I can, and (d) that I do not speak for or represent any particular organization or group, but simply seek to use as my guiding-light a deep-rooted commitment to apply careful analysis in search of the truth of a given situation, and (e) so, consequently, I hereby invite you — fortunate souls that you may be — to my Blog!

So: Move along, nothing to see here — or IS there?

Choose which of my posts you might wish to read, as listed in the right-hand column of this WordPress page. Somewhere there, too, or maybe at the tail-end of a particular commentary, there ought to also be a link that allows you to submit your comments too. At least I hope so!

P.S.: Anyone care to guess what my above “screen-logo-image” is of? (Note: Took this picture myself. And yes, it’s of something mysterious in appearance, yet quite real: there  definitely was something — not “nothing” — to see here! I was there!)

— Protonius.

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